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The Combo Product contains individual products from your store that are sold as one product

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Target Price Combo

Use it when selling combos with a fixed price, no matter what are the original product/variant prices.

Trois paquets de t-shirts hommes

Trois paquets de t-shirts hommes

Prix normal
Prix réduit
Prix normal
Prix unitaire

  • Ajustement régulier
  • Encolure: cou
  • 100% Coton
  • Ne pas javelliser.; Tumble sèche faible chaleur.; Ne pas nettoyer à sec.; Fer mi-chauffage.; Lavage de la machine au chaud.
  • Fixation: tirer sur
  • Collier Style: Col de l'équipage
  • Ajustement régulier

Things you should know about Combo Products

  • Create bundles as products
  • Unlimited Combo Products
  • Add Combo Products to collections
  • Advertise on sales channels
  • Looks exactly like your product pages
  • Discounts
  • Auto-syncs inventory on individual product basis