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Upsell bundles on any page.

Upsell bundles anywhere in your store or create a dedicated bundle page. Grid and carousel layouts are supported.


Create unlimited bundle galleries and add them to any location in your store (the grid layout is usually used on dedicated Shop the Look pages).


The carousel layout is usually used on the homepage, cart, or blog pages.

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What PickyStory customers say.

James Prunean

Director at

This app is great, it's what we have been looking to add to our website for a while. I think the support team is some of the most helpful I have come across. Super responsive and easy to work with. The guys helped me add this to our website and did everything they could to get it looking great on the site. I am excited to see this in action. 

Julian Gandelin

Ecommerce Manager at

The PickyStory team were able to quickly add the needed options and tailor the app to my needs. The roadmap is promising, I really expect this app to be soon a must-have for every fashion store!

Simon Touzin

CEO at

We were looking for an app that can help us to create outfits for our customers in a different way of the typical "You may also like" and this app does exactly this. The app is really easy to use, and the support is amazing, it really shows that they are passionate about their creation.    

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